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motorcycle helmetsCross bikes are motorcycles that focus their energy on acceleration. These vehicles are only used for Cross bike competitions, and do not have position lights and lightning spots, and have no permission whatsoever to circulate on the streets. Given that in Motocross is not necessary to reach great speed, but it is necessary to have power to climb high slopes and make spectacular jumps, all the mechanical energy of this bike is focused on reaching the highest possible acceleration.

Cross bikes have certain technical features that allow them to fulfill their function in competitions. We will explain these features after explaining briefly what Motocross is about. The purpose of this explanation is to engage the reader, and show him the way in which competition is made in this sport -that way the reader will understand what is the purpose of the Cross bikes mechanical features.

Motocross is a discipline in which many motorcyclists compete in irregular roads, either natural or artificial, to arrive first to the finishing line. Given that the ground where Motocross is practiced is only made of earth and usually has mud, skidding is common and a lot of skill is needed to keep the bike stable. As well as difficult and muddy curves, we can find great slopes. The driver makes a great effort to climb these slops and not to fall off the bike. Once the climbing is finished, the typical jumps that characterize Motocross are performed. After some time, due to the progress made in technology, mechanical engineering, tires, etc these type of jumps have reached an exceptional level.

In order to handle this hard competition, Cross bikes have certain technical features that are essential:

MotocrossCylinders: Cross bikes have only one cylinder.

supercrossTwo and four-stroke engines: There are Cross bikes with both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. However, as environmental regulations go further, two-stroke engines are disappearing, since they are very pollutant given the treatment they make of gases.

motocross historyCylinder capacity: Taking into account percentages, the Cross bikes cylinder capacity has the greatest range of all of them. There are 50cc and up to 550cc Cross motorcycles . We can see how much they vary according to the bike

motocross ridersSuspension: The importance of the suspension in the Cross bikes is superlative. As in the Trial, in the case of the Cross bikes great suspension is needed so they can resist the great jumps they perform. A Cross motorcycle needs good suspension in order not to fall apart in the middle of the race.

motocross tracks

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